The history of ETHO IT Solutions

Learn about the trajectory of our company and the history of our CEO and founding partner José Gonçalves Rocha. Since its foundation, ETHO IT Solutions has been a valuable bridge between specialized talents and companies seeking innovation and technological excellence. We have stood out as a strategic partner in the allocation of qualified professionals in emerging technologies.

With over 23 years in global consultancies, José Gonçalves’ career has involved setting up operations, leading transformation projects such as SAP ERP implementations and industrial automation solutions in the natural resources sector in Brazil, Latin America, and the United States. He has led more than 2,000 employees in simultaneous IT projects and contracts, many of whom were trained within the projects themselves to address talent gaps in technologies or industry knowledge.

Thus, with the experience gained in these numerous challenges, we have refined our methodologies and expanded our service portfolio. With a customer-centric approach, we work side by side with companies, helping them achieve their strategic goals through the implementation of cutting-edge technologies and efficient solutions.

Over the years, we have been agents of digital transformation in various organizations. From the beginning, we go beyond resource allocation and engage in the innovation process from conception to the implementation of technological projects.

We believe that the future of technology is constantly evolving, and that is why we continuously invest in the training and development of our professionals. With a dedicated and passionate team for innovation, we are ready to face market challenges and contribute to our clients’ success in an increasingly digital world.

Learn more about the beginning of our participation in corporate IT projects as ETHO and how we have driven digital transformation in various organizations. Keep reading!

The Beginning of ETHO IT Solutions

Since its foundation, ETHO IT Solutions has had a standout mission: to connect companies with the best professionals specializing in emerging technologies. From the beginning, our vision was to help companies tackle the complexity of corporate IT projects and digital transformation with agility, transparency, and commitment.

As José Gonçalves recounts: “When we created ETHO, we saw the opportunity to serve a group of clients focused on rapidly growing technologies by combining our experience in attracting highly talented and skilled individuals in technologies such as SAP, Salesforce, Pega, Cybersecurity, and Cloud with an executive team that understands the nuances of large-scale projects.”

Strategic Resource Allocation

We understand that the key to the success of any IT project lies in the team with a purpose of adding value to the client or project. That is why we are dedicated to enabling our clients’ IT projects by forming ideal teams that complement the capabilities required for innovation, digital transformation, and the implementation and support of emerging technologies.

Our Differentiator

Our differentiator lies in the experience of the partners and executives, aligned with the vision of always creating opportunities for talents and our clients. For clients, it is about getting it right the first time with practical and effective solutions. For our collaborators, it is about attracting talents with the necessary training or training those with the potential to learn and advance in their careers.

We conduct a meticulous selection process, and our bootcamp programs are a powerful tool that enables us to offer talents with the necessary hot skills to tackle technological challenges.

To date, we have trained and certified over 300 professionals in emerging technologies, preparing them to add immediate value to our clients’ projects.

Experience and Expertise

Counting on ETHO from the beginning of a technology project means having access to a team of managers with a history of success in the best consultancies in the market. Our partners are experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of technological challenges and the implementation of corporate projects. The combination of experience and expertise allows us to deeply understand our clients’ needs and offer tailored solutions.

Therefore, José Gonçalves further explains where his experience comes from: “I have over 20 years of experience in major consultancies, including IBM and Accenture, where I spent a significant part of my career acting as a corporate entrepreneur. During my career, I played important roles in transformation projects.”

Connecting Talents for the Success of Large Projects

The search for excellent IT professionals is an ongoing challenge for organizations, especially in a rapidly accelerating digital transformation scenario. At ETHO, we combine management experience with a structured talent training and selection process to help companies implement technology projects and achieve their business objectives.

The Nearshore Partnership Your Company Needs

Brazil is one of the largest pools of IT talent in Latin America, and ETHO is positioned to leverage this advantage. We work in the time zones of the US and Europe, serving the global market with skilled and English-fluent professionals. As your nearshore partner, we help enable transformation projects at an affordable cost, always with a commitment to delivering quality and results.

Customized Services and Innovative Solutions

Since our foundation, we have offered services that include the allocation of specialized professionals to IT application management. Our technology training programs in the bootcamp format are developed in partnership with companies to understand and meet the specific needs of each project.

Furthermore, we stand out in the following technologies:

  • Salesforce: We demonstrate the great potential of this tool and help optimize processes and increase efficiency.
  • SAP: With over 20 years of relationship in the SAP market in Brazil & LatAm, we meet the most demanding requirements with agility and quality.
  • Google Cloud: Our specialists work on migration, Big Data Analytics, and Machine Learning projects, offering innovative solutions for technological challenges.
  • FullStack: With services and professionals of various levels of seniority, we adapt to each client’s needs.

Commitment to Excellence from the Start

Our greatest differentiator is the ability to attract, develop, and train highly qualified professionals. We have a culture of commitment to deliveries and to our clients’ project objectives, which always enables the best performance and results.

From the start, counting on ETHO means optimizing time, resources, and ensuring more efficiency for your IT team. We are passionate about what we do and are here to support your company at every stage of the digital transformation journey.

“During my more than 20 years at Accenture, I faced great challenges, leading transformation projects and developing a corporate entrepreneurial spirit. Now I apply this experience at ETHO to tackle the challenges of emerging technologies. Our goal is to add value to our clients by offering high technical expertise with a dedicated team to deliver exceptional results,” concludes José Gonçalves.

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