New AI Features from SAP and Salesforce: What’s Coming

The innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI) continue to transform the business world, with leading companies like SAP and Salesforce at the forefront of this revolution, incorporating advanced AI capabilities into their solutions to offer their customers smarter, more efficient, and customized tools. This article details the new AI functionalities these companies are launching or foreseeing for the future, highlighting how these innovations could redefine the way businesses operate and interact with their customers.

SAP and the AI Revolution in Business Solutions

SAP, a giant in providing enterprise application software, is embedding AI into its solutions with the aim of offering relevant, reliable, and responsible artificial intelligence. This integration seeks to optimize business processes, enhance decision-making, and provide personalized experiences to end-users.

Its newest release, expected later this year, is Joule, the Generative AI assistant, which can be integrated across SAP’s cloud enterprise portfolio, providing proactive and contextual insights from the breadth and depth of SAP solutions and third-party sources. By rapidly categorizing and contextualizing data from multiple systems to provide smarter insights, Joule helps people get work done faster and drive better business outcomes in a secure and compliant way.

Joule will be integrated into SAP applications, from HR to finance, supply chain, procurement, and customer experience, as well as the SAP Business Technology Platform. It transforms the SAP user experience – it’s like calling your smartest colleague for help. Employees simply ask a question or describe a problem in simple language and receive intelligent answers drawn from the wealth of business data across the SAP portfolio and third-party sources, while keeping the context.

Joule upholds SAP’s track record of revolutionary technology that generates real results.

“With nearly 300 million enterprise users around the world regularly working with SAP’s cloud solutions, Joule has the power to redefine the way businesses – and the people driving them – work,” said Christian Klein, CEO and member of the Executive Board of SAP SE. “Joule builds on SAP’s unique position at the intersection between business and technology and is based on our relevant, reliable, and responsible approach to enterprise AI. Joule will understand what you mean, not just what you say.”

According to the company’s website, Joule will be available with SAP SuccessFactors and the SAP Start site later this year, and with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition, early next year. SAP Customer Experience and SAP Ariba solutions, along with the SAP Business Technology Platform, will follow, with many other updates across the SAP portfolio to be announced at the SuccessConnect event from October 2 to 4, the SAP Spend Connect Live event from October 9 to 11, the SAP Customer Experience LIVE event on October 25, and the SAP TechEd conference from November 2 to 3.

Discover other AI-based tools and SAP solutions that are already available:

  1. SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)

The SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is a prime example of how AI is being integrated into SAP solutions. With BTP, SAP offers a single platform for the development and integration of intelligent applications. This platform facilitates the implementation of AI solutions that can predict market trends, optimize supply chains in real-time, and personalize customer experiences based on behavioral insights and preferences.

  • SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Another significant innovation is SAP Intelligent RPA, which uses AI to automate routine and repetitive business processes. This not only increases operational efficiency but also allows employees to focus on higher-value tasks. AI in this context learns from previous interactions to continuously improve the effectiveness of RPA bots.

  • SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP is also empowering its Analytics offering with AI, through SAP Analytics Cloud. This solution offers business intelligence, planning, and predictive analytics capabilities on a single platform. With the use of AI and machine learning, SAP Analytics Cloud can provide deeper and more personalized insights, helping businesses make data-driven decisions more quickly and accurately.

Salesforce and AI Transforming Customer Experience

Salesforce, known for its market-leading CRM, is also embedding AI into its solutions to transform how businesses engage with their customers. Through its AI platform, Salesforce is empowering businesses to close more deals, scale service, and increase productivity more efficiently and effectively.

Salesforce and Customer 360

Salesforce has been intensively integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into Customer 360, using its AI platform, Salesforce Einstein, to empower businesses to offer highly effective and personalized customer experiences. The use of AI in Customer 360 reflects Salesforce’s commitment to providing solutions that not only automate processes but also enrich business-customer interactions with deep and predictive insights. Here are some ways Salesforce has been using AI in Customer 360:

  1. Deep Personalization: AI enables unprecedented personalization at scale, analyzing customer data to identify patterns, preferences, and behaviors. This allows businesses to deliver content, offers, and experiences tailored to the individual interests of each customer, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Prediction and Recommendation: Salesforce Einstein can predict future customer behavior based on historical data and current trends, helping businesses to anticipate needs and preferences before the customer explicitly expresses them. Additionally, it can recommend specific actions for sales, marketing, and customer service teams, optimizing engagement strategies and maximizing sales opportunities.
  • Sentiment and Intent Analysis: AI in Customer 360 analyzes the sentiment and intent behind customer communications, whether through emails, chats, or social media interactions. This helps businesses to better understand the emotional state and intentions of their customers, allowing them to respond more effectively and empathetically.
  • Customer Journey Optimization: Einstein AI maps customer journeys in real-time, enabling businesses to adjust and personalize these journeys based on customer behavior. This includes adjusting marketing campaigns, personalizing offers, and optimizing touchpoints to better meet the needs of customers at different stages of their journey.

In summary, by integrating AI into Customer 360, Salesforce enables businesses to offer highly personalized and efficient customer experiences, optimize their sales and marketing operations, and significantly improve customer service efficiency. AI plays a crucial role in empowering businesses to understand and anticipate customer needs, driving engagement and customer loyalty more effectively.

Discover other Salesforce solutions that utilize AI:

Salesforce Einstein

The flagship of Salesforce’s AI strategy is Einstein, an artificial intelligence layer integrated across all Salesforce platforms. Einstein analyzes customer data to provide personalized predictions and recommendations, improving the effectiveness of sales, marketing, commerce, and services. For example, in Salesforce Sales Cloud, Einstein can predict which leads are most likely to convert into opportunities, thereby optimizing sales efforts.

Einstein Bots

In the realm of customer service, Einstein Bots provide an automated way to handle customer requests, resolving common issues quickly and freeing up human agents for more complex tasks. These bots are capable of learning from each interaction, continuously improving the accuracy and effectiveness of their responses.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud and AI

For marketing, the integration of AI through Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows businesses to create highly personalized customer journeys. By using AI to analyze customer behavior across multiple channels, Marketing Cloud can automate campaign decisions in real-time, optimizing content delivery to the right audience at the right time.

Challenges and Future Considerations

As SAP and Salesforce continue to innovate with AI, they face challenges such as ensuring data privacy and security and making AI accessible and understandable to all users, regardless of their technical expertise. Moreover, there’s a continuous focus on ensuring that AI is used ethically and responsibly.

Both companies are committed to overcoming these challenges by investing in research and development, collaborating with partners and regulators, and focusing on data transparency and governance. As technology advances, SAP and Salesforce are expected to continue leading the way, offering even more advanced and integrated AI solutions that can transform all aspects of business, from internal operations to customer experience.

We can conclude that the integration of AI into SAP and Salesforce solutions is redefining standards for business efficiency, data-driven decision-making, and customer experience personalization. With ongoing innovations, these companies are not only anticipating the future needs of their customers but are also setting new benchmarks for what’s possible in the business world with the power of artificial intelligence. As we look to the future, it’s clear that AI will continue to be a key driver of innovation and growth for businesses across all sectors.

ETHO and Artificial Intelligence

Similarly, we here at ETHO are also incorporating AI practices into our daily routines and technological solutions. Our team is being constantly trained and empowered with new tools and hot skills, ensuring that we’re prepared to implement and support ERP deployment projects with expertise in artificial intelligence.

ETHO IT SOLUTIONS: Experts in SAP and Salesforce

ETHO IT Solutions stands out in the IT market by connecting businesses with the most renowned professionals specialized in emerging technologies, including AI, SAP, Salesforce, Full Stack, and Google Cloud. With a team of experienced managers and partners, ETHO offers tailor-made solutions ranging from the allocation of qualified resources to the complete management of IT applications and the execution and management of IT projects.

Specifically, in ERP and CRM deployment, ETHO demonstrates its competency by exploring the true potential of Salesforce, offering more than two decades of market experience in SAP, and employing Google Cloud specialists for migration, Big Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning projects. This approach ensures that business IT applications are always up-to-date and operating efficiently, guaranteeing agile and high-quality implementation that meets the most demanding requirements.

Moreover, ETHO stands out for its customized bootcamp programs, preparing professionals to tackle current and future technological challenges, ensuring that the workforce is always ahead in the latest innovations in AI and other emerging technologies. This positions ETHO as a vital strategic partner for businesses seeking not just to implement ERP and CRM with AI support but also to keep their systems and teams aligned with the most advanced market practices.

ETHO IT Solutions positions itself as an indispensable ally for senior IT executives seeking to maximize productivity and efficiency in ERP and CRM system implementation, leveraging the power of AI and other emerging technologies.

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